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Social Network Marketing

The newest and most powerfull phenonemon for the internet and information technology is the explosion of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Particularly the young generation has embraced this new media but not exclusively. Most people I talk to recognise the the enormous power and infuence this new technology but dont understand why. There are many benefits for a business with social network marketing but knowing where to start and how to effectivly configue a campaign can be daunting.

I will try to present some of the benefits of social network marketing here and also how myself and Circus I.T can take your business foward into this new social revolution.

  • An amateur approach can damage business
  • Geotagging of Media, Images, Video
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Media Optimization
  • Attract the next generation of customers
  • Review Management
  • No overheads
  • Low initial investment
  • Training and Advice
  • Tagging and Banner Advertising
  • Hassle free management
Why shoud you use Circus?

Circus I.T has put forward the time, finace and energy investment into training, learning and practising the skills needed for a professional social network proficiency. There are two main aspects to benefitting from business social media. The first is to have a presence within the new technology, the second is to understand how to access the milliions of potential customers who are already there.

It is not complicated to create a place, profile or page within these mediums but without planning and effective application of the media and message your company wishes to purvey the results can be minimal or even negative.

Your Next Step

The sooner your presence in social networking arena's is configured and optimized the better it will serve your business. Building loyalty and brand awareness is a medium to long term campain to business that are looking to grow into the future.

Contact me for more information on how to start your new campaign.

Mr Ashley Bickly

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