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This high street branch of Circus I.T provides a wide range of products and services to the town and surrounding areas. Since opening in 2008 we have built a strong relationship with the local community. This location is also able to provide some services that are only available to drop in customers such as the computer MOT which gives exceptional value to customers.
Below is a brief summary outlining some of the services we provide,
Desktop and Laptop Repairs
Drop in express service for repairs on desktops and laptops. We have many laptop screens, keyboards and spares in stock and almost every desktop part available
£36 p/h inc Average Turnaround: 24 hours
Apple Mac Repairs/Service
Drop in to see one of our Apple Mac specialists for advice and service or contact us and ask to speak to Tom Samuelson. Circus I.T has successfully repaired hundreds of Apple Mac computers and devices.
£45.00 p/h inc vat for hardware faults visit
Console and Phone Repairs
Competitive fixed rate pricing for repairs of consoles, tablets and mobile phones inc, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, Blackberry, HTC and many more.
Fixed Rates For more information visit
Virus/Spyware Problems
Fake anti virus and hijacking malware is on the rise. Because they constantly change and mutate we have to be absolutely up to date with our tools and knowledge in order to tackle them quickly and effectively
£36 p/h in vat Credentials: AVG Silver Partner: 5/5
Bespoke/Customized computer systems
If your looking to focus your your new computer budget towards a more specialised computer such as gaming, architectural and design needs or for business then speak to us about a bespoke system.
Rates vary Contact us for more info
Computer MOT
This fixed rate service included virus and spyware checks, speed and optimization, registry and health checks and is excellent value to drop in customers.
£35.00 inc vat Details: This is a great value fixed rate service

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Tips and Tricks week 25

Do not trust anyone who contacts you to say your computer has faults unless they are your trusted support company