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We have been maintaining and servicing the computers of homes, families and individuals for eight years across Kent and Sussex. In that time we have built over two thousand customer relationships and succesfully completed over six thousand jobs.
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Virus and Spyware infection
Removal of spyware, root kits and "Fake" Antivirus malware. Commercial malware is on the increase but instead of causing damage to the computer it is hijacked and the user tricked into paying money.
from £30 p/h Includes vat Approx Time: 1-2 Hours
Running slow, crashing or hanging
These symptoms can be attributed to many different causes. Often some additional memory and a cleanup will resolve these issues. There may be an underlying problem with the hard drive, motherboard or PSU.
from £30 p/h Includes vat Approx Time: 1-2 Hours
Computer fails to switch on or start up
Failure to switch on is normally attributed to a PSU or Mainboard. Failure to start up could be a software or hardware issue and could indicate a developing problem with the hard drive.
from £30 p/h Includes vat Approx Time: 1-2.5 Hours
Data Recovery
Recovering lost files from a failed hard drive involves several techniques depending on the type of failure. While most recoveries are no more than about £50, serious failure can run to hundreds.
£50-£450 Fixed Fee Includes vat Approx Time: 1-5 Days
Broadband, E-mail, Network Setup
Setting up broadband and wireless networks. Configuring e-mail accounts and security.
from £30 p/h Includes vat Approx Time: 1-1.5 Hours
Component Upgrades
Increased speed and performance with some additional memory or a higher rated graphics card. Increased storage with a larger replacement hard drive or add functionality like wireless cards.
from £30 p/h Includes vat Approx Time: 1-1.5 Hours

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Do not trust anyone who contacts you to say your computer has faults unless they are your trusted support company