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We have been maintaining, servicing and repairing mobile phones and tablets for over four years. We have invested heavily in training and equipment and spent considerable energy in developing our repair processes. We provide a fully guaranteed expert repair service.
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Apple iPhone repairs
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iPhone 4s / iPhone 4
From £29.99 Inc vat Approx Lead Times: 2-48 hrs
"six years of equipment, training and technique development"
Testament to Success
Since including console repairs into our product range we have kept accurate records on all the repairs carried out. This information, tuning of techniques and adoption of new technology gives a success rate that is the envy of our competitors.
A confident Warranty
Circus I.T offers a full six month warranty for all console repairs, however we are so confident in quality of our repair processes we are offering an extended 12 month warranty for your device for just £9.99 inc vat.
"Confidence and Ability"

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