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Google Place Optimization

Over the last few years more emphasis has been placed upon "local" searching. In the past the general search strings would be something like "computer repair" or "computer repair tunbridge wells", This would make it difficult to find a supplier within a certain area and time would be wasted searching through national results.

With the launch of Google places local and relevant searching has improved significantly. Taking advantage of this is essential to every business, especially small businesses. Getting your place page to the top of the rankings is vital and we have the technical knowhow to make this happen for your business

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Geotagging of Media, Images, Video
  • Avoidance of Google "dinging"
  • Media Optimization
  • Category Configuration
  • Review Management
  • Ranking management
  • Multi Location Optimizer
  • Coupon/Voucher Management
  • Locations Configuration
  • Place, Site, Ad word Architecture
Why should we use Circus?

The practice of improving search ranking for Google places involves dozens of technical applications and enhancements. To fill in the blanks will get your place published but will likely be very low down the ranking system. There are over one hundred tweaks and adjustments that can be applied to a Google places page and each of these will have a bearing on ranking performance, for example "Geotagging" your images and serving them from a "web portfolio" can assist in search capabilities.

It can take an hour or so to profile a Google places page but it takes a day to optimize it. Doubling or tripling interest from potential customers.

Your Next Step

The sooner your Google place is configured and optimized the better it will serve your business. The speed, regularity, number and consistency of reviews and citations are one of the processes which gain an advantage over your competitors.

Contact our Google Places Optimization expert Toby Stripp for more information.

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