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Here are some useful tips and tools to help keep your computer running well. We encourage our clients to make some provision for the basics of computer maintenance.

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1. Disk De fragmenting. This tool examines the data you have on your hard drive and re-arranges it to enhance performance. The data on the hard drive in contained in sectors and a file may be spread across many sectors. These sectors may not be in a sequential pattern and a realignment can increase the spread in which the files are read, this also decreases heat and wear on the hard drive, costing less electricity and extending its life.

The "def rag" tool can be located at: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter. (This path is correct for all windows based operating systems)

2. Disk Cleanup. The Disk Cleanup tool removes old, temporary and needless files from your computer. These files build up over a period of time and can add to a computer running slower. When running the program Disk Cleanup will scan the hard drive for these files and then present them in a checklist to you. Check the ones you want to remove and the process will complete. The process can take over an hour if it has never been done before.

Disk Cleanup can be found at:

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Do not trust anyone who contacts you to say your computer has faults unless they are your trusted support company