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Independent Consultancy is Independent Advice

Circus I.T can offer an independent consultancy advice service to business customers across Kent and Sussex. Many business manager's are often uncertain as to their actual requiements and the cost's involved. Some unscrupuless companies can prey on this and will bamboozle their client with technical speak and over estimate the IT requirements of their client.

We take a different approach to this and have been providing Sussex and Kent IT support for over six years.

The truth is that most business managers simply do not have the time to research and quantify a proposal provided by their IT support company.

Technology in the IT industry moves very fast indeed. It is often better to spend less capital on your systems initialy and renew more often. Getting the balance right is where a consultant is needed.

The benifits can include:

  • Improved cashflow
  • Reduced capital expense over the short and long term
  • Time saved for managers
  • Peace of mind
How does it work?

Depending on your requirements the level of service varies between clients. In general the client pays to Circus IT Ltd a monthly or annual fee. The fee is only payable after a free initial consultation in which a review of the existing provision and requirements are assessed. This allows for email and telephone advice during business hours relating to IT and supplier queries. This ability to quickly double check a quote or costings for labour and parts can potentially save thousands of pounds.

Contact can be made as little or as often as needed for advice on:

  • Website and hosting enquiries
  • Relevance and costs of upgrades
  • Standards of service and proceedure
  • Translation of IT terminology
Want to know more?

As with any consultancy there are rules.

Firstly, Circus IT Ltd can not undertake any other work or make provision for labour or parts to a client in which we are working in a consultancy capacity. This is relevant up twelve months before and after and during the contracual consultancy term.

Secondly, Circus IT Ltd cannot make recommendations as to which IT supplier a client will engage, we can only provide a opinion on the current suppliers service standards and value. Some material can be provided to the client in which to assist their selection process.

Thirdly, All information exchanged between Circus IT and the "client" shall be kept confidential. The opinions provided by Circus IT to the client may be used as "leverage" in all scenarios but the source of the information is to be kept confidential.

Examples and your next step

Example 1. Client:Primary School. Circus IT was asked to make an evaluation for the client. The client had an existing IT support company in place. The client asked their support company to recommend an improvement to the speed of the computers. The support company recommended an additional stick of RAM "memory" for each computer, being about fifty units. We agreed that is was a good proposal and the estimated labour charge was reasonable. However the price they inteded to charge per unit of RAM was 600% higher than the average recommended retail value of the parts. This being highlighted in a short meeting enabled the client to seek a significant discount and a total saving of over £1000.00.

Example 2. Client:Distribution Company. The client engaged an IT company to review their IT requirments. The recommendation was a server installation in excess of £8000. However we recommended that given the size of the company and the number of workstations that what the client wanted to achieve could be done with their existing hardware. The client engaged another service provider and the end solution cost less than £800.

For more information reagrding the consultancy service please contact Toby Stripp.

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