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Computer fails to switch on or start up
Failure to switch on is normally attributed to a PSU or Mainboard. Failure to start up could be a software or hardware issue and could indicate a developing problem with the hard drive.
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Causes and solutions to computer not switching on or starting up

When a computer fails to start it is mainly due to hardware failure. The most common failures are outlined here.

Computer fails to switch on

When a computer fails to switch on and appears to have no power the problem nearly always resolves itself at the PSU (power supply unit) or motherboard level. The two types of failure present a need for very different repairs.

However despite being very rare it always good practice to test the mains supply and fuses to ensure that the problem is with the computer and not your electricity supply.

PSU Failure

A relatively straight forward repair. Replacement of the PSU takes less than one hour and the PSU itself costs approximately £30.00. On very rare occasions a failed PSU can cause further damage to the motherboard and or memory banks. This rare situation is difficult to diagnose for inexperienced technicians and can often result in the computer being beyond economic repair.

Motherboard Failure

This type of failure is more costly and time consuming than a PSU change. Often when replacing a motherboard an operating system repair is needed and on some occasions a replacement of some other components due to compatibility issues. A typical motherboards costs approximately £45 and takes 1-1.5hrs to change and configure. Although PSU changes can easily be carried out on site at your home or business, motherboard changes are carried out in a workshop to prevent static damage to sensitive components.

If you have any of the problems with your computer mentioned here please contact us as soon as possible for further advice.

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