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Secure Online Backup

Circus I.T Ltd has teamed up with LiveDrive one of the globes largest, fastest and most secure online data backup companies. Our reseller agreement allows us to pass on significant discounts to our customers. Online backup is the newest developments in data back technology and is revolutionizing the way in which we protect our computer data. Until now the convention was to backup to CD's or external hard drives. The problem with this is that backup is forgotten, not done regularly or the disks lost.

There are many advantages to online backup and now its affordable to everyone.

Key Benefits

  • Protect your data against burglary and fire
  • Setup and ready in just 5 minutes
  • Works in the background, no effort needed
  • Real time = new files are instantly synced
  • Never lose any of your data again
  • Try FREE for 3 Months
  • Only £25 per year
  • Full technical support, 128bit security
  • Works on PC and Apple Mac
  • Access your files from any PC or smart phone
Why should you use Circus Sync?

Circus Sync is very easy and quick to set up. Just contact us and you can be up and running in a few minutes. From then on all the documents, photos and files will be backed up to an online secure vault and any new files will instantly be backed up too. You don't need to do anything, in fact you wont even know its running.

Then in the event of a computer or hard drive failure you can simply login and retrieve all your files back to your repaired or new computer. You can also use any computer or smart phone like an iPhone to access your files online.

Your Next Step

Contact us by e-mail or call us on the number below to start your no obligation free trial of Circus Sync online secure backup. If you don't wish to use the service after 3 months just let us know and that's it.

At just £25 per year this product is exceptional value, Feel free to give me a call for more information or view our FAQ's Here.

Mr. Nick Charlton

By E-mail:
By Phone: 0800 731 5250

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